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Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson

Tom Anderson, CPA, is President and COO for O’Rourke Petroleum.  He joined the organization in 2007, as President and CFO, where he was responsible for overall financial management of the company, as well as providing strategic leadership for O'Rourke. Tom suceeded to Presidet and COO in 2014 where he leads and oversees the development and execution of key processes and functions for O'Rourke Petroleum as a whole.  Tom makes his greatest impact at O’Rourke in managing the financial resource requirements and risk management associated with the organization’s rapid growth combined with consistently fluctuating market conditions.

Prior to O’Rourke, Tom was a financial partner at Tatum, the largest U.S. executive services firm, where he assumed various CFO assignments in the industrial, consumer marketing, and real estate sectors. From 2000 - 2004, he was CFO for Atlantia Offshore Limited, where he led the financial preparation, sale, and transition of the organization to an international energy company, and also led the subsequent post-acquisition with another U.S subsidiary.   Tom holds an MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans, and a BBA in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin

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