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Alan Cain
Alan Cain

Alan Cain is Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at O’Rourke.  Focusing on O’Rourke’s Marine Services division, he oversees the operations, marketing, and sales of O’Rourke products and services to the Marine industry.  Alan joined the company in 1992, and was instrumental in launching O’Rourke’s environmental services division, Select Environmental.  Additionally, he helped manage the transition of O’Rourke employees and customers through several acquisitions in both Houston and Dallas.  In 2006, he led the start-up of O’Rourke Marine Services, establishing O’Rourke’s presence in a new market segment.  Throughout his tenure, Alan has helped guide the company’s business development efforts, working with key customers and strategic alliances, and implementing customer retention and marketing programs.

An experienced professional with more than 35 years in the petroleum industry, Alan was previously Vice President of Sales for United Lubricants Corporation, and Vice President of Operations and Sales for Primrose Oil Company.  His industry certifications include: Fundamentals of Lubrication by ASLE, Advanced Lubrication Recommendation and Application by ASLE, and Tribology: The Science of Lubrication by Colorado School of Mines.  In addition to his extraordinary level of expertise, Alan makes his greatest impact by understanding customers’ challenges and creatively developing solutions that meet their broad and varied needs.

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